North East Start-Up Helps UK Taxpayers Claim back over £1.6m in Tax

THEN Tax Refunds, a privately funded northeast start-up company has recently started making taxes a little less painful for British taxpayers.  Launched in December of 2022 in Newcastle’s Hoults Yard, they have already helped thousands of people claim back over £1.6m in taxes owed to them from HMRC.  Backed and managed by accredited and fully […]

Maximizing Your Refund: How Then.Tax Can Help You Reclaim Excess Tax

Introducing, a specialized agency dedicated to assisting individuals in claiming their rightful tax refunds from HMRC. Our services are designed to help individuals reclaim the excessive tax automatically deducted from their payouts, ensuring that they receive their full refund amount. Our specialized service focuses on helping individuals claim their rightful tax refunds from a […]

Reclaim Your Tax Refund with Ease: Introducing Services

If you’ve received a PPI payout in the UK, you may be entitled to a tax refund on the amount deducted from your payout. In this blog post, we’ll explain how PPI is taxed in the UK, who is eligible for a refund, and how to claim it. How is PPI taxed in the UK? […]