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If you have previously received a PPI refund, it is highly likely you paid tax on part of your compensation. In most cases, the lenders automatically deducted the tax from your refund and paid it to HMRC before you received your money. Due to a recent change in tax on savings interest, any compensatory interest paid to you in your PPI refund can now fall under the Personal Savings Allowance and is potentially eligible to be claimed back.

If you received a PPI payout, you may be eligible for a PPI Tax Reclaim. The amount of tax that was deducted from your payout will depend on various factors such as your tax code, the amount of the payout, and the year in which it was received. To determine if you’re eligible, it’s best to consult with a specialist like specializes in helping individuals reclaim excessive tax from their PPI payouts. Our team of experts will review your case and determine if you’re eligible for a reclaim. We’ll handle all the paperwork, deal with HMRC on your behalf, and make sure you get the maximum refund possible. And the best part? Our services are offered on a “No-Win, No Fee” basis, so there’s no risk to you. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your PPI payout today!

Home working

If you were required to work from home during lockdown, you may have experienced additional costs for household bills such as gas and electricity.

HMRC introduced a weekly allowance in 2020 to help cover these additional costs, which was extended until 2022

Even if you only worked one day from home in the entire year you are eligible to claim for this tax refund.

And as the allowance was introduced in 2020 and was extended until 2022 you may be eligible to claim for both year’s allowances if you worked from home for at least one day in both tax years.

Simply drop us an email to and we will be happy to help you get started.

You may be able to claim tax relief for additional household costs if you have to work at home for all or part of the week.

You can claim tax relief if you have to work from home, for example because:

your job requires you to live far away from your office

your employer does not have an office

You can only claim for things to do with your work, such as:

business phone calls

gas and electricity for your work area


If you are required to wear a uniform for work and have to fund the costs of washing or replacing your uniform, you are likely eligible for a tax refund.

To be eligible for this tax refund, you only need to meet the following criteria:

  1. You wear a uniform that makes known where you work
  2. You wear it while working
  3. You maintain the uniform yourself (washing, replacing, repairing)
  4. You were subject to income tax at the time

Simply drop us an email to and we will be happy to help you get started.

Repairing or replacing small tools you need to do your job (for example, scissors or an electric drill) cleaning, repairing or replacing a uniform or specialist clothing (for example, overalls or safety boots) Claim relief for a uniform or specialist clothing

A uniform is a set of clothing that identifies you as having a certain occupation, for example nurse, or police officer.

You may also be able to claim for specialist clothing you need for work, even if it does not identify you as having a certain occupation, for example overalls or safety boots.

You can either claim:

The actual amount you’ve spent – you’ll need to keep receipts


An agreed fixed amount (a ‘flat rate expense’ or ‘flat rate deduction’)



You can claim back tax over-payments for the last 4 tax years, so currently the earliest you can claim back from is anything after 6th April 2019.



Our services are provided on a “No-Win, No Fee” basis. A fee will be due and payable in the event that a tax refund is authorised by HMRC to you. The fee for our services is 40% + VAT.


For example: If the Tax refund amount from HMRC is £300, the fee for our services is £144. You will receive £156 net, as a Tax refund to you.

You are able to make a claim via HMRC directly yourself for free, using forms available to you from HMRC or you can use a registered Tax agent of your choosing. Any tax refunds by HMRC are made at the sole discretion of HMRC.

The majority of claims are processed by HMRC within 6-12 weeks, however, they can occasionally take longer if there are any delays. Our team will ensure your claim is actioned as quickly as possible and we will keep you updated throughout the process.

HMRC will issue a cheque to us for your PPI tax claim. Upon receipt, we will issue you a secure link via SMS and/or email to allow you to provide your bank details to facilitate a speedy transfer to your nominated account.  The amount you recevie will be the refund amount minus our service fee.


Don’t worry. The information we hold could be slightly out of date as it was passed to us by the CMC who processed your original PPI claim.  With this in mind, the postcode and surname used to verify you may NOT be your current ones.   Please try previous postcodes and surnames.

If you still are unable to very yourself, please get in touch using the contact us form on this website.

Don’t worry, this is our standard process for paying clients their refund.  You will receive a unique link to which is sent only to you and accessible only by you after validating yourself.  Upon submission of your bank details we’ll make a speedy bank transfer to your nominated account. 

Before contacting us, make sure you have read the FAQs on this page. 

If you require a claim update, the majority of claims are processed by HMRC within 6-12 weeks, however, they can occasionally take longer if there are any delays.

Our team will ensure your claim is actioned as quickly as possible and we will keep you updated throughout the process.

Keep an eye out for emails from and ensure you’ve checked your spam folder in case its dropped in there.


Where you are engaging our Services online or over the telephone you have a period of 14 days from the Commencement Date during which you may change your mind and cancel the contract between us for the Services.

Please note however that you will lose the right to cancel if the relevant Services have already been completed prior to our receipt of your notice of cancellation.

In these circumstances any Fees due to us for any Services which we provide up to the date of cancellation will be payable.