North East Start-Up Helps UK Taxpayers Claim back over £1.6m in Tax

THEN Tax Refunds, a privately funded northeast start-up company has recently started making taxes a little less painful for British taxpayers. 

Launched in December of 2022 in Newcastle’s Hoults Yard, they have already helped thousands of people claim back over £1.6m in taxes owed to them from HMRC.  Backed and managed by accredited and fully qualified accountants, Then Tax Refunds is building its reputation on fast, thorough, and knowledgeable accountancy practices.

In 90 days this little start-up has gone from an idea to signing up over 70,000 clients to its service! Its tax reclaim products are available to any British taxpayer through its website, 

The average refund ranges from £200 to £1,300 per applicant and THEN Tax Refunds don’t take payment unless the claim is successful and HMRC refunds money to the client.

“As the fastest growing tax repayment agency in the UK, we are tremendously excited about what we can do with new technologies to help more taxpayers keep more money in their pocket,” says Managing Director Jay Wilson. “And transparency is key.”

There are other businesses operating in the tax repayment agent industry that have poor practices, sometimes leaving taxpayers unaware of what services they have agreed to on paper and in principle.

This kind of behaviour by less-than-scrupulous tax repayment agents has been noticed by HMRC. They have recently announced new legislation to improve standards and transparency between the Tax Agent and the Taxpayer they are acting for.  

“We welcome HMRC’s recent announcement and I am looking forward to how the new legislation will impact the tax repayment agent landscape,” says Wilson.

Then Tax Refunds has already implemented many of the changes being introduced by HMRC, including the 14-day cooling-off period.

“It’s right that standards are raised; more transparency and better communication with the taxpayer can only be a good thing.”

Then Tax Refunds works with individuals year-round and will review taxes as far back as 3 years from the most recent tax year. 

If you have any questions regarding how to use their services or to find out more information about Then Tax Refunds, you can visit their website or you can contact the Then Tax Team directly by email at

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